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Parents enrol by submitting the enrolment form. On receipt they will receive a confirmation of enrolment within 4 weeks.

No later than two months before the proposed date of day care entry, you will receive information regarding the possibilities of placement.

Registration no guarantee

This registration should not be regarded as a guarantee that your child can be placed. Placement depends on such factors as the date of registration, the age of your child, you preferred starting date and the composition of the group. In addition, we give priority to children who already have a sibling at de Kattekop.


As soon as there is a place available for your child, we will contact you by telephone or email and you will receive a placement offer. If you agree with the proposed days and starting date you will receive a placement contract. We would ask you to sign one copy for approval and to return this within 10 working days. Parents have to prove their connection with the University upon placement. You can prove your connection with the University by producing a salary slip or a student card. If you do not have a salary slip, you may prove your connection by means of a recent letter of appointment. On the placement apply the General terms and Conditions relating to Childcare, the Supplementary Conditions, the Privacy statement and the house rules.


The entitlement to a place lapses automatically on the day after the child reaches the age of four years.

Termination agreement

If you wish to terminate the childcare earlier than this date, you should observe a cancellation term of one calendar month, informing the Director of de Kattekop in writing or by email. Requests to reduce the number of childcare days for which your child is placed are also regarded as cancellation, and must be made one month in advance, in writing or by email. 

Cancallation befor placement (after signing contract)

  • In the event of a cancellation in full more then one month in advance of the placement date, € 100,- administration costs will be charged.

  • In the event of a 'partial' cancellation of one month or less before the start of the date of the actual placement, one month childcare costs will be charged, as mentioned in the contract.

Cancellation should be notified by email to the Director.

Privacy declaration

At de Kattekop we respect the privacy of parents, children and employees. Our work entails that personal data is requested and stored. In our Privacy statement you can read how we handle personal data with care.
On the registration form and by signing the placement agreement, parents give permission for the processing of personal data.


If you have any further questions, please contact the administration department by phone 071-5176363 or by mail